20 Stunning Hair Colour Ideas For Women To Try


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Colour are not more than just hide your grey. to be honest, a new hair colour can change your mood and make you more beautiful. which colour will suit your skin tone and complement your face, these types of question make people confuse. Many professionals and local stylish prefer blonde or black for their own hair. Because it makes you free spirit and great way to getting your youthful glory. In other hand many people prefer to experiment and try new colour which they never had before. And make you’re the colour should check the complexion; a wrong dark shade can ruin the look. So how does a person figure out whether their skin tone is warm or cool?the easiest way to do so is to use gold and silver jewellery to figure it out. both pieces of jewellery and check which of them is more prominent.

If it is gold jewellery that stands out, then your skin tone is warm and if it is the silver jewellery that is more prominent, then your skin tone falls in the cool category. Another method is to check the colour of your veins. If it has a greenish tinge, then you have a warm skin tone and if you have a bluish tinge to it, then your skin tone is cool.Coloured hair needs special are. Use shampoos and conditioner specially formulated for coloured hair. Avoid strong sun-rays or heating tools for hair. Example, Red colours tend to fade out quickly under heat.


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