30 Awesome Butterfly Tattoo Ideas For You To Try


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Butterfly tattoo are one of the most loved and famous among women. In tattoo culture, butterfly tattoo is a sign of feminine. Butterfly is denoted as human soul, and its outward beauty and graceful flying can be best inspiration and your tattoo can be out of the box. Although butterfly has different meaning in culture to culture. Greeks believed that the butterflies cocoon represent as human soul. Mexican and Minoan denote butterflies as goddesses which represent flower, love, beauty and spirits of dead. And in japan young girls relate their life like butterflies to their life journey and when the time comes, they should spread their wings and independent. And even American believe that, butterfly is the symbol of guidance in changes to their life. At last in china butterfly represent symbol of marriage and harmony.

If you decided to ink an aesthetic butterfly. it not a taboo, this tattoo is not specially meant for women. Example, masculine roman emperor name Augustus and other Mexican warrior Popolucas have symbol of butterfly because according to them, it represents fire and strength. Tattoo are permanent and serious matter, so never rush for your first tattoo by seeing only few designs. Make sure, you enjoy you tattoo life-long. So make it simple and be original.

Butterfly Tattoo Ideas
1. Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

2. Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

3. Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

4. Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

5. Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

6. Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

7. Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

8. Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

9. Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

10. Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

11. Butterfly Tattoo Designs

12. Butterfly Tattoo Designs

13. Butterfly Tattoo Designs

14. Butterfly Tattoo Designs

15. Butterfly Tattoo Designs

16. Butterfly Tattoo Designs

17. Butterfly Tattoo Designs

18. Butterfly Tattoo Designs

19. Butterfly Tattoo Designs

20. Butterfly Tattoo Designs

22. Butterfly Tattoos

23. Butterfly Tattoos


25. Butterfly Tattoos

26. Butterfly Tattoos

27. Butterfly Tattoos

28. Butterfly Tattoos

29. Butterfly Tattoos

30. Butterfly Tattoos


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